Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patterns Emerge

Every wondered how somebody can gain/lose, gain/lose the same...oh, I don't know, 8 to 12 lbs over and over again without somehow breaking through?

Turns out it's pretty easy to do. You just amp up your focus for a few weeks, and then, after about a month (or a little less) when clothes start to get looser and you are finally close to back where you want to be, you lose your long-game mentality.

Your focus gets a little lopsided, a little fuzzier. You start allowing yourself things that you didn't before. A lot of "just this one time" and "Oh, a bite won't hurt" starts to creep in.

Worse, some of the gym emphasis slides away. It's hard to keep up the intensity (to say nothing of general consistency). This is where I'm at now. Just starting to close in on the loss to get back to my second lowest adult weight ever (which is, sadly, not that low) and I'm sabotaging again.

I've been doing this for over a year! Time to make it stop. This is the time that I generally wander a little bit off path and take the foot off the gas pedal. What has to happen for this time to be different?

Well, I need to stay strong on the simple things: write down what I ate every day and what I plan to eat the next day (noting any deviations) make it to the gym 5 times a week, and make time for some extra movement during the day (as simple as a 10 minute walk around the block). My eating rules -- no eating while standing, 20-minutes for each meal (min) and a 9-inch plate -- are to be followed with no exceptions. Wine has to be for the weekend, in small amounts.

Otherwise, it's porker city for me, for sure.

Medical update: I got my orthotics yesterday! So far so good. The worst foot, the left one, feels much better already. The right insert is a little weird, but hopefully will settle soon and feel more natural.

Tummy was poked and prodded yesterday. I should talk to the doctor in a few days and find out if my gall bladder (which digested a chocolate chip cookie and fried fish fine on Sat night) is sickly. As long as I don't eat veggies, I'm fine. Oh, the irony. I spend a year + training myself to eat healthily and this is the thanks I get.

By the way, Jackie at www.midlifemyway.blogspot.com, thanks for visiting my site. I've tried several times to leave you a comment but I can't seem to enable the feature on your site. I click on comment, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?


  1. Well, seeing as how I am a classic yo-yo dieter, I've wondered that for myself more than once. Glad to hear about the orthotics. I had been thinking about your foot issues, hoping they were better.

  2. Oh, yeah, that is easy and frustrating, isn't it? I have the same pattern too...lose some weight and suddenly I think I've got it all figured out...a bite here and there... and yeah, I hear you. Your post has sparked an idea for a post that I'm going to do on motivation. Thanks. I forgot to tell you, my orthotics are soft and custom made. You do have to get your feet used to them though so don't go out and walk for ages...little by little and then you won't want to walk without them. Love mine.

  3. Yeah I hit the sabotaging phase about 10 pounds ago, but decided I was too close to a low weight to lose momentum. I think for me I need to bribe myself to get through those phases...new jeans, shoes, trip, whatever I can think of to get my mind off obsessing about what I want. My sabo stage comes much later than your 8-12, which is not good since I have bounced ALL the way back up 50+ pounds before. So I know the sabo stages are lingering and waiting in the shadows so I have my plans prepared. Keep it up, you are doing really well! Hope your GB is good-seems weird that you can digest fats but not veggies-doesn't sounds very GB-ish...wishing you the best!

    Polar's Mom

  4. You have a plan! Excellent.

    Glad your foot is feeling better and hopefully the other will soon follow.

  5. I'm starting to sabotage now, I need to kick my ass back in gear. I ate Taco Bell today.

  6. No porker city, my friend. Fight the good fight. Cheers, Rick

  7. I hope the medical results are helpful and you get relief SOON. I had a lot of trouble with fresh veggies until I did a colon cleanse a year ago - the only one I've ever done - and I haven't had any trouble since. I can so relate to this post because I've amped and fizzed so many times myself. I do like your plan, though, and may have to try that myself. With pedal to the metal this time I bet there'll be no fizzing for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and at least wanting to comment. I've had other comments, so I'm not sure what the problem was, but it means a lot that you stopped by. Thank you so much.


  8. You sure seem on track to me. And BIG yay that your orthotics have arrived. Keep us posted how they make your foot feel. Have a great week Ish.

  9. OMG no veggies? If you'd told me that a few months ago I'd have danced around joyfully and rolled my way into Village Inn for some chicken fried steak and eggs.

    Hoping that you can get some relief soon from all of these medical woes.
    xoxo GP

  10. I am so glad you received your orthotics. As for the rest of your post, it so resonates with me.