Monday, February 14, 2011


Was out and about early this morning for an assignment and came across this scene. Young love in action.

The poor fellow, who you can't see, was bravely standing out in cold and winds with this mega-bouquet of red balloons. He waited a long time for his lay-abed girlfriend to get up, come outside and find him.

I had to give the guy points for staring down everyone who was tempted to snicker at him as they passed by. The girlfriend was rendered speechless when she saw him.

We are headed out tonight to a dinner party at a friend's house. Should be fun, but fraught with danger. Another friend (on WW, no less!) decided to bake macaroons and red velvet cupcakes to bring as dessert.

There will be wine, cheese, and then some kind of spaghetti for dinner, I'm told. I plan on eating some cottage cheese before I go so I am not hungry. I find that if my appetite is dulled it's a lot easier to turn down food, even alluring things like cupcakes. Of course, sometimes being around them but not eating them sets off a binge later, but .... I'll worry about that when I start to feel like it might happen.

I wanted to share this picture earlier in the week but couldn't get it uploaded. Knicks vs. the Clippers. Was a lot of fun! I didn't know basketball games were this entertaining! And the seats were great (even tho very high up) and only $10. Can't beat that!
Jeremy Sisto was there from Law and Order, Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock and one of the Sopranos guys. They were shown on the jumbotron screen (I would find that very embarrassing) from their courtside seats!

The cool thing about this night was that I was very rushed, coming from work, ready to eat something but without time to go find a healthy option. In the end, I grabbed a nathan's hot dog (but didn't eat the bun) and an order of fries, which was thankfully small, and ate them with no regrets, and no guilt. When at the ballgame, one wants to have fun, not stress and stress and stress over things they cannot change.

I didnt' think about food for the rest of the night. Victory for me, even if the Knicks lost.

Happy V-Day, everybody!


  1. Wow, look at those balloons. I thought that was a stock photo. Great shot.

    I find eating before a party really helps me too. Cheeky WW person bringing all those goodies.

  2. Love the red balloons picture! Weight loss should be more about adapting to life by choice than depriving ourselves knowing that on down the line we'll crave "life" and probably end up eating. You handled the party very well, I think, and are making changes for life. Sorry about the Knicks. Want to borrow the Denver Broncos this fall? Probably not! Savor the "victory".


  3. Great picture! Thanks for sharing it!

    I try to eat something before, too, but I also bring something along as s snack when I am out eating. Helps me.

  4. Hi Ish. LOVE the photo with the balloons!!! Happy Valentine's day a day late!!! Sounds like you had a great day.

  5. What a romantic story. It would have been terrible had she slipped out to stay the night at her mother's. :-)