Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Fast

Rushing to pump out some end of week details, a la the old Hot 100 Friday Updates.

Strange week in which many of my grand plans for major workouts had to be altered at the last minute, and yet I more or less stayed on track eating-wise, and faith-and-begorrah I might be fooling myself, but the skinny jeans are feeling just a wee bit looser this Friday. First time I've put them on in over a week.

Monday was not a great day, Tuesday was very good, and I was able to walk to work and hit the treadmill later with nary a complaint from my naughty neuroma. I am ecstatic!

The temptation is to jump back on the treadmill (with better shoes, this time) and start running again but I am fighting it. The neuroma is not gone -- I can still feel it twang from time to time when I walk. It's just mitigated by the orthotics. I have every hope it will eventually make like a dodo bird and disappear forever, but I know, deep in my heart, I should not start slamming my feet into a treadmill right now.

On my other medical situation, the tummy, a sonogram reveals the presence of ... gallstones. Go figure. (The way they teach this in medical school, I have learned, is that gallstones usually can be found with the five f's: female, fat, fertile, forty and fair. Give or take a few years, I qualify on all counts.)

However, there's no evidence yet that the gallstones are bothering me, or causing my digestive drama. So... more tests to come this week. My pain has subsided considerably since I stopped eating raw veggies for lunch. But it flares now and again, depending on what I eat.

There's more I want to say with pictures, but I will have to upload later as I'm at work and Big Brother watcheth!

More tonight, and I look forward to visiting your blogs to see everyone's progress. Thanks for al the kind comments re: my medical malfunctions this week. Really helps cheer me up!


  1. Looser is better. I think you're going to really find those orthotics work for you. I have good running shoes too - not cross trainers or pretty shoes - the ugly honking running shoes, but they save my shins for sure. Gallstones - yikes - I fit all the F's except for fertile. I find that too many raw veggies are a killer too ... but I love them so.

  2. That stinks about the gallstones, but at least they aren't bothering you.

    Glad to hear Mr. Neuroma is taking a back seat now.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Damn Gallstones. Still, does that explain having difficulty with some foods and not others? My sister found out she had food allergies (mostly to corn, of all things) and she also was in the five F's when diagnosed. Indeed, she had gall bladder surgery for it. As it is, my thoughts are with you ... AND with your gall stones! xoxoxoo GP

  4. Grrr...I hope they can find the root of your stomach problems soon!!! Not knowing must be driving you crazy. BIG yay for Mr. Neuroma being "manageable" at the moment. Have a great weekend Ish.

  5. I am glad they are not bothering you. Hope you have a good week! Michele

  6. Gallstones are nasty little culprits that either knock you flat or annoy the heck out of you in less dramatic, but chronically nagging ways. Loose skinny jeans!!! Awesome!!! With the orthotics and maybe some answers soon to a hopefully easily treatable problem, you'll be feeling tip-top from head to toe. I hope you get some answers - and a solution - soon.


  7. Sorry to hear about the gallstones, but at least they aren't really bothering you now. I had never heard of the five f's.

  8. At least gallstones are not bothering you, or causing your digestive drama