Saturday, January 22, 2011


Off to Boston today!

Visiting a friend, doing a little ice-skating on the Boston Commons Frog Pond, trying not to freeze my a** off. It's supposed to be about 11 degrees tonight in Beantown.

M is coming too, and we've got reservations at what promises to be a cute little place on State Street called The Beehive.

It's an up and back trip in 24 hours, but we discovered the bus ride round trip is only $56, and I like a good relaxing road journey that lets me sleep, read, and day dream while looking out the window. M will be snoozing as soon as the tires start turning, I'm sure.

Plan for this low-key weekend is to stay calm, eat lightly and not stuff myself (ie lose control). Luckily the friend I'm going to visit has had her share of weight problems in the past and recently dropped about 40 lbs from her 5'4 frame by much hard work and controlled eating, so I know she's a mindful eater who won't be putting out cheese and crackers for people to snack on. Thank Goodness, because on a cold hungry night, I could hoover up a nice wedge of brie or manchego.

The mantra this weekend is mindful living -- I want to go visit my friend b/c she's had a rough year (illness in the family, crappy boyfriend break up) and although you can talk all you want on the phone, sometimes making an effort to show up once in a while makes all the difference.

BUT.... (here it comes) that doesn't mean I can take my mind off my own goals. I must carry my weight-loss persona with me at all times. In fact, I will break out my magical cape, and wrap it around me for the weekend.

Resistance! Persistance! Insistance!

See you all Sunday. Have a great day.


  1. Yippee. Have a fun weekend. I need to get one of those magical capies. Sounds great.

  2. What a nice getaway!!! Good for you for wearing your cape!! :) Have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. Boston is one of my favorite places. It seems I get to go about once every 24 months or so, and I have loved it each time. It is a little cold right now though! Brr!

    BTW, glad to see you brought out the cape!

  4. Good stuff, I like the magic cape analogy. Keep your guard up and have fun! Cheers, Rick