Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Few Things I'm Happy About

-- Planned ahead for this week and cooked two sweet potatoes and one butternut squash to use up for vegetarian dinners for myself and the b/f. Also did a batch of barley, to break the quinoa rut.

-- Walked to work two days so far this week, with minimal foot pain. Foot doc said yesterday it looks like I irritated all the soft tissue and bursal sacs (not sure I'm spelling that correctly) with too much pounding (er..that would be my short-lived period of running 5ks on the treadmill in too-tight sneakers). He surmises that the soft tissue inflammation pinched my neuroma nerve. Now, two months later, the inflammation is easing, and hence, so is the nerve. I'm not pain free yet, but every day it gets better. I got orthotics anyway, because he said it would be a good way to protect from further damage.

-- I have not had any off-plan wine since coming home from the holidays, and I have greatly reduced what is on plan. And believe me, there hasn't been a day in the past week when I haven't thought longingly of going home, flopping into my big chair and sipping on a nice glass of red.

-- Back to writing down what I plan to eat, and keeping track of every variation from the scheduled intake.

-- Got up and went outside today after lunch and walked around the block about 8 times. I had to make phone calls and it suddenly came to me that I could do it from cell while I moved, rather than sit at my desk. Also gave me chance to stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. My friend who passed was Jewish, but I don't think she would mind that I had a quiet moment for her in a Catholic cathedral. It is on Fifth Avenue, after all, and she loved to shop that street!

Sometimes you gotta take a few minutes and remind yourself of what you're doing right. Right?


  1. Mmmm...sweet potato...and squash! You're totally making me hungry even though I just ate dinner. Yummy!

    Great call on the walking while on the phone. And no, I don't think your friend would have minded the moment you had for her.

  2. I love sweet potato and squash too - orange surely is the superior colour!

  3. So happy for you that your foot is healing. BIG yay! Have a good week!

  4. I gave you an award! Check out my post about it :)


  5. Right. Right. Focusing on the 3-4 important things that are important to a day is where I am at. Really helps me to do what I want.

    Love the fact that you went into the Cathedral as a way to take a few moments.

  6. Award for you on my site, too...

    Polar's Mom