Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Boot Camp

Time to get tough again -- the party is waaaaaaaaay over.

I'm declaring myself in an austerity phase for the next three weeks. My goal is the same as it was at the end of 2010: take off 35 lbs.

To that end, it's back to writing down my food plans every day, going back to working out daily, even though I still can't walk to work as I used to. The neuroma won't quit -- but I'm committed to finding a way around it. Right now I sit here with one toe throbbing in my left foot and another toe throbbing in my right foot. Not fun at all!

I should be writing a freelance article right now but instead I'm reading blogs and flipping through a vegetarian cookbook. I just can't summon the energy to go to work.

The nephew has returned home and things are going slowly back to normal -- whatever that is. We did manage to slide into Times Square in time to catch the countdown and it was crazy, crazy fun! I don't think he knew where to look first or how to react to all the joie de vivre. And he got very excited when some rapper named "Pit Bull" walked by us in the front section. We had a great time, and even fit in some ice skating in Central Park Saturday evening, and more skiing on Sunday. I am sooo wiped out.

I have much more to say, but I've got an alarm to set for an ungodly early hour of the morning. I walked to work today and it really irritated the neuroma nightmare, so I guess for the next few weeks (until I get my special orthotics) I'll have to hit the bike or the elliptical at the gym. I'd much rather walk to work and fit in a gym visit in the evening, but .... that's not on the table right now. I'm working on accepting my injury and moving on.

More soon, hope everyone is well!


  1. Being dowtown during the ball drop is cool it's on my bucket list

  2. How cool to be in Times Square!

    Here's to being on track again!

  3. Hi Ish, big yay for the routine getting back to normal! I bet being in Times Square on NYE was amazing! Take care of that foot!!!!!

  4. Darn. That neuroma. I hope the orthotics help. I know that mine improved over time with good support (I went with the shoes them selves not the orthotics, which I found hard for women's shoes) and cutting out impact activity. Have you tried biking?