Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's Over

Time to get some goals lined up for the fall and winter.

I have one: 25 lbs.

They've got to go.

For a long time I've been a little afraid of something. Just in the back of my mind, I've wondered, "Am I done losing weight?"

I hope not. I want to lose more. But my losing just stopped. For a while. For a good long while.

I'm happy I have not gained. I have fluctuated, but I haven't significantly gained.

But there's more ahead for me in the journey. Why aren't I forging ahead?

These are things to contemplate, obviously.

Sometimes I look at people who lose all their weight at once and I feel bad that I haven't done the same. I've gotten about halfway, and held.

I guess, like many of us are scared we will regain, I am also scared I can go no further. I know that's not true, but it's a fear, nonetheless.

On the update front, no workouts this week, got a cold. Post-nephew, post-deadlines, I'm sick. Just the tail end of all the stress, I think.

Time to refocus and see what's around the next corner. No need to be afraid. I can handle it.


  1. I don't know why we go through those spells where we don't forge forward, but I know all too well that it happens. I agree with you - time to refocus!

  2. You CAN handle it! This is half time - you're sucking oranges and thinking tactics and then you're going to zoom out there.

    (Um, is the football analogy wasted on you? I kind of forget that not all countries are obsessed with football metaphors.)

  3. I actually think it's a blessing to lose weight in stages. It's like you lose a chunk, then make the your new normal. Then lose another chunk and make that your new normal. And so on until you're where you need to be.

    You're kicking butt, and I love being around for the ride. Keep it up, Ish!

  4. Ah, but does your halftime show have Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson?! (And a wardrobe malfunction?)

    Seriously, it is amazing that you've kept off what you've lost -- a really huge achievement. (Think about what you could have, or might have, gained in the same period at other points in your life.) You'll get back to it and we'll all be here cheering!

  5. I just entered my refocusing stage too...I'm right around the same weight I was 3-4 months ago and it's a little frustrating that I let that happen. But, all we can do is press on. Good luck Ish!