Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Family Fun

Nephew is back for Round Two tonight. Picking him up at the airport soon.

Tomorrow I've planned a day of adventures involving a Metro-North train ride upstate, biking in the Catskills, swimming in the Hudson River (we shall all ingest PCBs, I'm sure of it) and possibly a visit to the local art museum, which is a doozy, if I can coax the kids inside.

It's all part of Camp Ishmael.

Monday he is getting dropped off at theater camp, then I am hitting the gym for a long, long, long overdue workout. Final projects to be filed Monday. Relief, relief, great relief.

We are buying him a second hand bike which I will store in the basement when he's not here. Finally realized that it's smarter and more economical to do that than pay $40 to rent him one every day while he's here.

We're going to bike every day to his theater camp, then me to work, then me to pick him up, then both of us back to my work, then both of us home.

Cheapest and fastest way to get it all done, really. And it burns calories, which I desperately need, so.... there you have it.

More to come. Must head to airport now.


  1. I hope you two have more great fun together. You sound like a fantastic aunt.

  2. Camp Ishmael sounds like fun!

    Very clever about the bike.

  3. Wow, Ish, that does sound like fun! I'd love to go to Camp Ishmael!

    How was your workout??