Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

They're in the Bronx Zoo.

Fantastic place!

I'm not a fan of zoos, in general. Too many small, poorly-designed cages and miserable, bored animals who have nothing to do but pace, pace, pace in their tiny spaces.

Thank goodness this zoo is different. They have few animals, and they are in large, spacious habitats -- not cages, nothing metal. The Congo area is really a reconstructed African habitat, and the animals live in it and roam freely. It's not quite the Savannah Plains, but you'd never know you are in the midst of urban blight when you stand in the wild green of the Bronx Zoo.

Plus, they do excellent wildlife conservation programs globally, so ... if I'm going to go to a zoo, I'd like my money to do some good.

We have video of the gorillas we saw in the Congo Rainforest at the zoo, but having problems uploading. It's pretty cool to stand in front of the glass enclosure (you can see into the gorilla habitat, they can't see you) and slowly, as you stare into the thicket, shapes begin to appear. Then you realize the area you thought was an empty grassy field has no fewer than seven rather large primates in it! Amazing how the eye can overlook things that later appear totally obvious.

We walked and walked and walked around today, and I'm glad I had on sunscreen or it would have been bad. I'd be purple right now.

I'll try to get up pics, but I'm happy to report that my strength is definitely back. That means biking/gym/walking must resume this week. I'll keep you all informed.

By the way, I saw a hyena today. O.M.G. You do NOT want to get caught by one of those things in the wild, believe me.

To see one of them loping at you is to see death. They are gorgeous, in a very primal way, but their power is frightening.

I'm quite happy that the only wild animal in my house tonight is the free range chicken I'm about to eat for dinner. Ciao!


  1. How fun sounds like a great day! I love a good day at the ZOO!!!

  2. I am not a big fan of zoos with cages, but when done like the one you describe, they can be a terrific, enjoyable experience.

  3. I laugh that I often joke my poor child is missing out.
    I cant do zoos or sea world or circuses....

    That zoo, however, Im in.
    now to get me a Splenda Daddy to buy me plane tix to New York :)

  4. Hey Ish, I'm in NYC! Sent you an email to your gmail account -- wondering if you've seen it?