Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was all excited this morning to wake up and resume my regular walk to work.

Naturally, it's raining.

Grrrrrr! I'm very frustrated by that!

It's ok though, I can make it to the gym later today, right? That's the plan, anyway. I often don't have good luck with after-work attempts to get to the gym.

But if I'm determined enough, it will happen.

Yesterday was not a good eating day. I had a lot of chocolate desserts. The only thing that is good is that I didn't continue to stuff myself all day -- once I ate what I wanted to eat, I stopped.

Later that night I had a piece of bread and butter with a small amount of kidney beans. Then a half a tortilla wrap around a slice of manchego cheese. Didn't need to eat either thing -- just snacking. At least I avoided eating a big, unwanted dinner, or just stuffing my face mindlessly for hours.

This morning I woke up hungry. I always like it when I feel my tummy growling in the morning - makes me feel like I didn't overeat the day before. Of course, I don't quite feel that way this morning, growling tummy aside! I definitely overate yesterday. It was a chocolate binge, essentially. Not a huge one, but not a moment of mindful eating, that's for sure.

But today is a new (rainy) day, and things don't have to be the way there were yesterday.

Selective amnesia can be a very good thing!


  1. Isn't that funny how when we overeat one day, the next day we wake up stomach growling? I know you aren't supposed to be able to stretch out the stomach, but seems to me it does :D

  2. I hate the rain! I wake ups starving all time.

  3. Man, I'm so there! If I don't workout early in my day, it's so hard to get in later--always "good" excuses. Hang in there, though, you're right: if you're determined, you'll make it in!

    Oh, and yeah, no more vegan chocolate cake! ;)

  4. You have such a positive attitude - and that's at least half the battle. Enjoy your shiny new day (metaphorically speaking at any rate!)