Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fat Breakfast

Thanks to an article posted recently by South Beach Steve, I've revamped my breakfast meal.

Steve linked to an article not too long ago that said research shows a good-sized breakfast (not huge) with a nice mix of healthy fats and some carbs could help balance your eating for the rest of the day.

I lurve me a big breakkie, so I decided to change it up a bit. Funnily enough, my calorie count is the same, more or less. Just a change in food. But oh, what a difference in how my day goes.

I went from eating a big serving of cottage cheese and blueberries -- about 450 calories worth -- to having two eggs, scrambled in water not oil (not as gross as it sounds) on a corn tortilla with slices of tomato and two slices of low-fat cheese, salt-n-pepper and one more tortilla on top. These tortillas have tons of fiber and are low-fat. Total cal count is about the same 400.

The result is amazing. I am not hungry for lunch as early anymore, and my hunger kind of arrives slowly, like a growing awareness of emptiness, instead of that sudden rush of "feed me now!" hunger I used to get at like 11:30 every morning. And I seem to feel fuller throughout the day -- my late afternoon shakes haven't come back. I wonder if it's the carb in the tortilla that's helping me out?

I still love cottage cheese, but I'm glad I switched things up for awhile.

Also trying to keep my focus on portions. Here's a handy dandy cheat sheet I've found:

* A medium potato should be the size of a computer mouse.
* An average bagel should be the size of a hockey puck.
* Three ounces of fish is the size of an eyeglass case.
* One ounce of cheese should be the size of two dominoes.
* One cup of pasta is the size of a baseball.
* 1 teaspoon of peanut butter or cream cheese is equal to a lipstick cap.
* 1 teaspoon of salad dressing is the size of a half-dollar.
* 1 ounce of chocolate is equal to a pack of dental floss.
* 1 ounce of snack food (such as pretzels) equals one large handful.

Lots of walking this week, which is just so fantastic. The other day I walked to work, home from work and then got to the gym for a quick 30 minutes. Felt great.

Also making good use of my kindle -- easier to workout and read from my Kindle than a book. Kind of helps to have that option sometimes - especially on the elliptical machine or when I'm walking and I get tired of my own thoughts (hey, it happens).

Hope everyone is well, especially Lori, who hurt her back. Catch up commenting on your blogs over the weekend, I hope.


  1. Ish, thanks for the link back. I am glad to hear you tried this. I know it is true for me. If I decide to eat something that is not as much fat and/or protein, I always try to add some to the meal to slow the digestion and get similar results.

  2. There's something about an eggy breakfast that is just satisfying and filling. I've noticed it too. Plus it helps avoid an oatmeal rut!

    I responded to your comment on my blog. Let me know if you have any other ?s - happy to blather on! (I also need to post, I've been a bit MIA this week.)

  3. I loves me a big breakfast :D

    I find I have to have a good combo of protein, fat, and carbs to keep me going.

    Thanks for the well wishes....

  4. My preferred weekday breakfast is hard boiled eggs, cheese, veggies and tomato juice. All washed down with decaff green tea with skim milk.

    Today I got up late and am eating my first meal late so I am starting with a chocolate, vanilla protein, coconut oil, low fat plain yogurt and skim milk shake. It tastes great, but doesn't fill me up too much which means I can have lunch soon after.

    Glad you are out there and walk, walk, walkin'.

  5. Kindle. Jealous.

    I love having a whole wheat bagelthin and mircowaved eggwhites with yellow mustard. that's like 180 Calories or something...yum!