Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Make Me Promises, Promises....

Why do I belieeeeevveee?

Anyone else remember that song? Naked Eyes, from sometime in the 1980s. In this case, nobody's made me any promises other than those I've made to myself. And I've been keeping them, although SOD is not cooperating.

Up four pounds this morning. I would get upset and feel thwarted and angry and all that jazz, but I am too tired to really react all that much, and also -- gotta tell it like it is -- it's not unexpected.

My workouts haven't been as regular or intense, due to MIL visits/planning, etc. My eating has been spot on for maybe four or three of every seven days -- and then it's been ok but not great for the rest. That's not exactly a winning ratio, is it?

After a Saturday night meal with my friend whose Grandma passed away, consisting of cheese, crackers, wine, homemade coq au vin and chocolate cake for dessert .... well, really, what would one expect the SOD to do but bounce up?

So, let's just take a deep breath, focus on the fact that I have NOT been binging in spite of great stress, I am still walking to work/home from work every chance I get, and if I am STILL, STILL, STILL, gaining and losing and gaining and losing the same 6 to 8 lbs that I was eight months ago, well (another deep breath here), that's ok too.

At least I haven't gained back a huge amount.

The SOD is a deceptive little bugger, and all week as I've walked and walked and walked my pants have loosened a little more. The body's changing, even if SOD remains, as always, an arbitrary and unforgiving Dark God.

On another note, every day as I've walked to work and passed row after row of vibrant blue flowers, and trundled underneath spraying pink cherry blossoms, I've promised myself to remember the camera so I can take pictures to share with you.

It's so beautiful! So I promise some Central Park pictures in the very near future.

And also, possibly one of my new breakfast, which I've further refined by adding spinach leaves to it. When you line up the tomatoes, spinach, egg and cheese it's dang purty, I can tell you that.


  1. Sometimes maintenance is the best thing we can do for ourselves.
    If you can take that and then try to tweak what you are doing when the stress dips down, then that will help.

    I want to see some pretty pictures! :D

  2. I think it's great that you don't let the scale define you!

    Looking forward to the pictures!

  3. I always confused them with Kajagogoo (I think they sang, "you're too shy too shy...")

    Anyway, like the distinction between binge and isolated overdoing it. The latter is much easier to let roll off your back.

  4. Great work on not binging!

    I will look forward to the pics.

  5. Sod SoD - your clothes are looser and that's a great indication and encouragement to boot. Well done on not succumbing to emotional eating too.


  6. Forget what the scale says sometimes, you are having lots of victories. Just the fact that you have not committed homicide during this whole ordeal is a huge victory all by itself!

    Great job of not bingeing. That's awesome.