Monday, April 12, 2010

An Irish Proverb

-A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.-

I'm still waiting on the good laugh, but I did get a long sleep. I had to have a nap today and I really fell down the rabbit hole. Completely knocked out, totally unaware of time, space, everything. A rare kind of sleep. I needed it, I guess.

I'm so sad this week for my friend who lost her Grandma. Like my beloved Nana, my friend's Grandma came over from another country to give her children a chance at a better life.

We can never thank them enough for what they endured for us. It was not easy to leave everything behind for new, unknown worlds. Bless them, for they took great chances.

I worked an extra day this week to get some additional cash -- sorely needed. That meant no big workout on Sunday, and I missed it. Plus no real weekend for myself, since we got up early today to go to the B/F's mother's house. It's a drive, so we had to rent a car. He had to be at work by noon, so we had to get up early to get there early to meet with a geriatric care manager, and then get him back to NYC for work.

It's going to cost us a lot of money, but the geriatric care manager knows how to navigate all the health care systems that have us stymied. Who knew his mom was eligible for a monthly veteran's supplement because her deceased husband served in WWII? He was a little 16-year-old who lied about his age -- how he fooled recruiters I'll never know, since he was the tiniest little boy. But they took him, probably out of desperation, and he was sent to Japan to fight.

So now she is eligible, thank goodness for up to $1,500 a month in supplemental health care, and it is sorely needed.

We hope to have her settled in a facility near to us. Today for the first day I allowed myself to dream of the day when the B/F can wake up on a Sunday morning and take his mother to church. They would love it, the two of them, and it would mean so much. I hope that vision comes true.

So right now I'm in the spot where I seem to be taking care of everyone but myself.

I'm trying so hard to keep my needs in the mix. But it's not easy.

Didn't have much breakfast today, so when we got back home I made sure to eat something before I went shopping for the week. If I had not eaten, it would have been bad. I would have wanted all sorts of things.

Tonight, made dinner at home. Tempeh with purple cabbage, onions, broccoli and chopped peppers. Check out my wok! I love it.


  1. Glad things are being resolved with MIL and it will be so great when she is closer to you. Cool about the pension!

    Remember to take care of you too...even if it just a quick 15 minute walk outside.

    Wok looks just reminded me about the red cabbage I have in the fridge. Might cook some up tomorrow night.


  2. It's important to take care of ourselves, but man do you have a lot on your plate, so to speak. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's grandma. We can learn so much from their generation, can't we?

  3. Oh man, it sounds like things might finally start looking up, huh? Yay!!!

    Please, please, please, carve some time out for yourself. I think it'll go you and those around you a lot of good.

    **hugs** for loss from Seattle. SO sorry for all the emotional pain and struggle you're going through...