Thursday, September 9, 2010


On my lunch break, quick update to say my computer is on the fritz. No idea what happened, woke up the other day and it wouldn't boot up, blinking lights all over the place, rush to the repair shop.

Except I can't rush anywhere this week until Sunday, so it's sitting at home like a forlorn paperweight.

(I sneak read all your blogs while I'm at work on my lunch hour, but shhhhh! that's a secret).

But of course, my ego imagines that the world at large is simply dying to have the latest Ish update. The show must go on! The audience is everything! (This is what happens to you when you work in midtown near the theater district).

In brief, a spring has returned to my step this week. I'm working very hard to lose the weight I gained this summer and get back on track to take off my other 25, hopefully by Christmas.

Walked the reservoir once this week, bike riding every day (and really biking, not just peddling along) and a visit to the gym last night. Weird and strange to walk back into it after three months away. I used to go every day. It felt so familiar... and yet it had been such a long time.

Before long, felt like home again.

SOD played a nasty trick on me yesterday (which actually is probably why I returned to the gym).

I haven't touched the scale in weeks. So I put it down and said hello and gave it a gentle tap in the middle, per the instructions. Then I stepped on.

Oh, how sweet. SOD said I lost 16 lbs. Yeah right. Sell me a bridge why don't you?

I figured it was just getting warmed up, so I waited, tapped it again, and hopped on.

Up 36 lbs, SOD said. "*$*%&*$ You," I said.

Did my dance again, and hopped on once more. Up 41, and when I waited two minutes and got on again, up 42 pounds, SOD said.

Fifth and final time, it said I gained 54 lbs.

That's when I hissed at it and jumped away. Evil Satanic thing, messing with my head.

The funny thing is that it *DID* mess with my head. Could I have gained back all that weight and be in denial? I did really get scared.

But there's no way I could fit into my skinny jeans if I had gained 36 or 54 pounds -- and I can still fit in them. They are slightly tighter than they were three months ago, but they fit. I don't have to struggle to pull them on (however they definitely were a LOT looser earlier this summer).

Finally I let the more neutral gym scale decide: up about 10 lbs, which I already knew. And I hope it's actually a little less, since I was weighting with clothes on and after eating a big tub of cottage cheese. But either way, this I can handle. Thirty-six pounds I cannot!

So, all systems go as I ramp back into weight loss. I hope to be posting a loss on Tuesday, or at least a no gain. Assuming my computer works and I can post, that is!


  1. You are right, Ish, I actually do look forward to your updates. And it sounds like that SOD needs to take a little flight our of you window, huh? Maybe it's time for a new one...

    Good for you for hitting the gym!

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer. It seems like a lot of them are on the fritz right now (I work on PCs some). Hopefully you can get it going soon.

    I am with Beej on SOD! Oh, and I am with him on the updates!