Monday, September 13, 2010

At the Gym

I hit it hard on Sunday and was really very proud of myself.

Even though I gained some weight this summer, I must have biked enough to keep the worst of the out-of-shapeness at bay, because I didn't find it overly challenging to get right back on the elliptical at the same settings as three months ago.

Or I was slacking three months ago! That's another thought.

I have some residual back stiffness from the intense pumping yesterday on the elliptical but nothing too terrible.

My eating was pretty good this weekend, but I am still working my way back into weight-loss mindset. There are some challenges looming this week, but I think I can handle them: lunch AND dinner out on Tuesday.

The lunch is easy; salade nicoise is my choice. Dinner I don't know, but my goal is to stay away from the alcohol. No wine -- that's been a real bugaboo for me this summer.

Workouts every day is the goal, if I can manage to wake up early enough!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for hitting the gym hard! I'd be willing to say that it was probably a mixture of both working with your biking during the summer and not pushing yourself as much as you could 3 months ago. You are strong. You can do it!