Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Oh, the irony.

The day before a friend of mine gets married, Chelsea Clinton is getting married.

They are both having evening nuptials. Apparently that's the thing to do this year.

What does that mean in Ish world? I'm screwed, that's all.

One day before the wedding (my friend's wedding), I have no dress. I have no shoes, I have no mani-pedi scheduled. I did get my hair done (or, as they say in the south, I got my hair did).

You can't hear me, but in my head I'm screaming, "What am I going to wear?"

See, I normally work day hours on Saturday. That, in my master plan, left me time after work to go to the manicurist near my office, grab shoes from the store across the street, currently on sale, then run to a store that has my sizes on the way home.

Now, because Ms. Clinton is getting married at 6pm today, I will be at work until well past 11pm.

Darn those selfish celebrities who think of nobody's life but their own!

Seriously, I'm trying to cope the best I can. I still have tomorrow to get things done, but I was hoping to use the time to finish off my extra writing projects. Some of them are due Monday, the nephew comes next weekend for a second time, and I want them all off my plate when he visits again.

I've got two almost done; two more to go. They take a lot more time than I thought.

So..I'm biking to and from work, but that's about all the exercise I can get in right now, which is not good. Last night I ended up with a popped tire and had to wheel my deflated bike to the subway and get on that to get home. That means lifting my bike up and down subway stairs, which I guess gives me bonus points, right?

I am so ready to finish up every extra thing in my life right now and return to what I was doing before: Losing Weight. I've been ready for the past month. I am now thisclose to being able to do it.

Prayer for the next two days: Let me get through this with minimal stress, let me stay calm and focused, and now that it's all going to turn out ok. The less I stress, the less I eat!

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  1. Oh, this is bringing back such memories -- work squeezing out life (I used to want to wear a sign explaining that my lack of groomed eyebrows or unwrinkled clothes was thanks to some inconsiderately-timed celebrity event) and the Clinton wedding was, well, not too grueling. And of course, hope you had fun at the friends' wedding without feeling the need to go mad on food for relief. beth xx