Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Have Lift-Off

Brace yourself for a rapid-fire update (repetitive strain in the wrist this week -- hurts to type).

Gym: yes, every day so far, alternating bouts of treadmill, elliptical, rower. Neuroma present, but pain bearable. That's good.

Intake: on plan, including a dinner out Monday night. A little problem with wine last night. But overall, better than it's been in quite a while. Party tonight, have budgeted in some wine, but not treats.

Results: sunnier moods generally all week, overall improvement in optimism, attitude, outlook on life. Suspicion that several pairs of pants are just ever so slightly (and really I mean slightly) looser.

Desk Chair: works a treat. I fiddle, wiggle and bounce all day. Damned uncomfortable for long stretches of time, which is exactly what I need: gets me on my feet every 45 to 60 mins. When I got it the chair was too short -- a midget chair. But I flexed the ol' biceps and really pumped the ball up and now it's perfect. Check it out.
View not much different from this angle, but just to be thorough:

Hula Hoop -- apparently it's not good to buy the standard-issue ones in sports shops, which I did. Mistake. It's not big enough to properly swing, and it's weighted slightly, so the minute I try to twirl it the thing crashes to the floor, banging my knees, shines and ankles on the way down! Crazy hoop! From what the Internet tells me, I need an adult size hoop that is not weighted -- the key is to make sure it's a big, big hoop, according to the ... experts. So I've ordered another. Will give it a whirl and report back. I can work my way up to handling the weighted one, it seems, but I'm not skilled enough yet. However, my early flailing indicates this has real potential: could be a neat little workout (done, for example, during commercials while watching telly) and will be virtually silent once I can keep it from crashing to the floor.

Dog hike: Still waitlisted!! Grrrr! So many dogs in NYC, so many dog-lovers. I am still waiting for my Fido hike.

Onward, comrades!


  1. I have been eyeing a chair like that for my stability ball since I sit on my butt all day for work. Good to know it keeps you moving, although I have to sit pretty still with typing, so I wonder if it would do any good.

  2. Gym + watching intake = results!!! Love it...glad you are feeling better.

    I love your chair. I just sit on my ball at my desk (at home) stand and I like it just fine. I need a new one though as this one is old and resisting pumping.

    I used to love hula hooping.

    Hope you get to the top of the list soon.

  3. So late to the party again!!! Hi Ish, hope you are doing well.