Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's All in the Mind

Dear reader, allow me to (re)state the obvious: this is one hell of an uphill slog.

This morning I saw a picture from almost one year ago, when I was in the hospital with that terrible gall-bladder removal gone wrong. Reader, I was much, much skinner. My face and neck and shoulders were practically gaunt (not my hips - never my hips).

I didn't look very good, mind you. I was sick, dehydrated, and you could see it in my face. But wow... don't think I've ever seen my neck that sharply delineated in my life. Who knew my eyes were so big and round? Startled lemur is the effect I called to mind.

There is no hiding the fact that I have regained all that weight. And a little bit more. Now I'm in the long and somewhat painful process of taking it all off again.

You know the drill: get up, stretch, eat the same thing every morning, eat the same snacks during the day, same lunch, evening workout, dinner, and then bed. Then up again the next day to do it all over again.

I'm trying to inject some fun into this and make it a more positive, upbeat experience. Yes, I need to keep losing weight and that requires discipline and denial, and getting my butt in gear when I'd rather laze around. No getting around it.

As I am so frequently reminding myself these days, when the hand stretches out for a second helping or an unscheduled snack: YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

That is, I can eat what I want when I want it, or I can stick to a regimented food plan and slowly, over time, see my weight drop. One, or the other, but never both (for me, at least, others appear to have more luck. But we won't dwell on them).

But, my friends, this not a misery (or it shouldn't be). This is life. This is exactly what millions of people do every day (while millions of millions of others worry about not having any food to eat -- sad, and weird, but true).

In the interest of fun I have done the following:

1) Exchanged my desk chair (which is practically glued to my behind in this new, sedentary job) with an exercise ball. Bouncy work time is more fun, right?

2) Purchased a hula hoop (or hoola hoop, I guess). I look a fool, but I can do it in my apartment at night while watching TV and my downstairs neighbor is none the wiser.

3) Signed up for a weekend hiking program that allows you to go for a hike with a rescue dog "borrowed" for the day from the local shelter. So you get to go for a hike with an adorable dog who desperately needs a day of fresh air and fun outside of his/her cramped little rescue cage. A win-win! And everyone knows a doggie hike is not a chore. How could it be?

I am determined to move more all day long -- not just during workouts. This job is NOT helping my uphill slog. So, on that note, it's time for me to step away from my desk again.

Until I'm back, enjoy the beautiful singing of Iz. Is it me projecting my own feelings on to him, or do you also feel like you know what he's wishing for when he sings, oh-so-poignantly, about dreams coming true?


  1. I think your plan is a good one. It is true that we can't have it both ways. No one can, really - it just takes the mindset of what do you really want.

  2. Good luck and onward and upward I say!

    I use an exercise ball at my desk at home and I love it!

    I feel you on the not moving around at work...a big thing for me is going for a walk in my dress just feels wrong...not to mention they are not really conducive to breaking a sweat...blargh!

    Love the video...great singing and beautiful scenery. This is the third time Hawaii has come up for me in the past few days...the Universe may be hinting at a trip?

  3. I love the hiking with the rescue dog idea- I wish this were offered in my part of the world. Have fun, and thanks for improving a dog's life!

  4. It really is a slog isn't it? I wish that I - and you - were like the majority of people who simply stop eating crisps (chips in your language), chocolate (candy) and junk food (McDonalds in any language) and abracadabra, the weight drops off. Sigh.

    Do let me know how the hula/hoola hoop works out - I think my mum (mom) has one she doesn't work and we live in a flat (apartment!) too! And be careful with the dog - I foresee that you will be bringing one home to live with you permanantly!


    PS Got carried away showing off my American - please excuse me, it just tickled me and once I started, I couldn't stop!