Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weighing In

Quick update: the wedding was a blast, my outfit was a hit. I was unable to avoid all cameras and saw some photos of myself. I could have zeroed in on a million flaws, but in the end I just kind of shut off the negative part of my mind and focused on how cool the bright tangerine color looked on the beach at sunset.

The drive up and back was wearing, the food was good but I ate too much. The tornado nephew is back (he sprained his ankle badly - requiring a cast -- on his SECOND night at camp. Sigh).

Am I on track with any weight loss? No. Am I holding on tight to as many good habits as I can? Yes. I have not -- so far -- gained back too much of the weight I lost while sick, but I do think I've gained back some. But that's to be expected, I suppose. When you don't really eat for six weeks, then start eating again... I guess there's a change no matter what.

More soon, once I get a minute to update.


  1. Hi Ish, yay for seeing the good in the photos!!!! That is a victory for SURE! All the best for the week ahead.

  2. Hope you are doing well!!!

  3. I nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog and check it out. Thanks for all you do...


  4. Hi, I'm a new follower! Saw you on Just Weighing in and Moving on's blog! :)

    I have to give you props for not being too down on yourself about the photos and trying to see the positive. :) I used to be the world's worst about having my pictures taken but over the past few month's I've really learned to not be so critical of every little flaw.