Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer-Summer-Summer Time....

We're really feeling it today in NYC -- so sticky my super waterproof sunscreen wouldn't stay on.

The tornado nephew has gone to camp, so peace is restored for two weeks, and then he's here again for two weeks.

While he was here I ate, in no particular order, too much calamari, waaaaaaay too many cashews (seriously, about a week's worth of small servings, but over 24 hours), one burger with fries (I took the bread off, but, the damage was done, and why can I never learn to leave some fries on my plate? Both the nephew and M did, but not me -- I shoveled every last one down my throat), and a small serving of ice cream with a wee bit of Sara Lee pound cake.

I did have the fortitude to have M toss the remaining ice cream this morning. We got back from the nephew's camp late last night and it's a miracle I didn't dive into the remaining dregs right then, but I held off. This morning M said, do we want this? And I had the strength of mind to say no, take it away!

Cashews are now officially off the menu for the rest of the summer. When the tornado nephew comes back, I'll have to limit the ice cream treats -- he loves to walk down to the corner at night for a snack.

Wedding this weekend, and I broke with my usual habit of buying a big floppy dress to hide my many, many sins. I have chosen a bright coral top that has one shoulder exposed (whoo hoo!) and is on trend with the "color blocking" style in fashion now (so I hear on the tee vee). The bottom half is a light skirt.

I hope that this will be slimming and exciting all at once, and that I won't look like a heifer rolling around on the beach. I'll report back and let you know how it goes!


  1. I'm glad you're staying away from the big floppy dress. This time! I hope it's great experience and you can make it a permenant change!

    Oh, man, and I totally hear you about nuts! I don't think I can ever really control myself with them.

    Great job getting rid of the bad food in your house. I try to play rhe "frugal" card, saying, "Oh, we should still eat it--just a little a day, so we don't wasste the money..." Dangerous!

  2. The coral top sounds lovely.

    It's bloody freezing here - I can no longer feel my feet they're so numb.


  3. Hi Ish...I am SOOOOOO behind in my blog reading. Hope the wedding was fun, and I bet you looked HOT in that coral top!!! Hope all is well!!!