Friday, June 4, 2010

And the Consensus Is...

everybody's busy!

Wow, we are a productive crew, aren't we? Churning away at our lives, we are.

Every once in a while as I look up from my enth hour of sitting at the computer I wonder what I would see if I got on the scale at that moment.

Then I shudder, and look down, and continue on.

I don't feel like I can lose weight if I'm not focused on it. So having this extra project is making me nervous just because I can't put all my energy into wondering how many calories are in this and how many calories I might have burned doing that.

But maybe that's a good thing? Could be I obsess too much sometimes, right? Anyway, I am biking to work and then some everyday and watching those portions (most of the time) and we'll see how it shakes out when the project is done.

On another note, while I'm working away, I have a nagging philosophical question I'd like you all to debate: Skinny Jeans. If they still fit when they come out of the dryer but loosen up later, is it really fair to say they've gotten bigger?

I can never tell if the true measure of my skinny jeans is how they feel right after they've been washed or after I've pottered about in them a bit.

Discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me, if you can.



  1. I never understand that about clothes that get bigger. Makes me wonder if they shrink or stretch? Or both? Some clothes I like when they feel a little roomier after wearing. Other ones I practically incinerate in the dryer trying to make them smaller LOL!

  2. You obsess? No?! Never! Hehe. I've never given the skinny jean connundrum a second thought until now. I'll have to give it some though. :)

    Hope you keep rocking things!

  3. Keep on cycling, walking and being aware of portions and when your project is done I bet you see a loss.

    Great to read from you!!!

    The jeans question hurt my head and I have no answer.

  4. Life doesn't seem to slow down, does it?