Friday, February 10, 2012

Volleying with Myself

You'll forgive me, I hope, if I indulge just momentarily in a whinge.

Why, dear readers (as Peridot would say), are some people able to lose weight merely by changing what and how they eat? And not starvation changes, but just simple and basic alterations to their regular habits. Why don't they have to slog away on torture machines for hours every week and go to bed hungry every night to see results?

This whine has a back story, of course: It's really really hard for me to lose weight without working out. A lot. AND watching what I eat very carefully. I am not alone in this, but sometimes it does feel very lonely.

So it's Friday night, I made it to the gym ONE TIME this week, which is not sufficient, of course, and I'm tired. Oh so tired. There is no reason that I should be so exhausted -- if I had to guess why I'm so pooped at the end of the day, it's probably my weight!

Today I made three good decisions not to talk myself into buying things that I did not need to eat: chocolate covered almonds, a double-serving of ricotta and tomato quiche (it's supposed to be a single serving but really...who am I kidding? It was easily enough for two) and a "healthy-style" organic burrito.

Despite avoiding those temptations, I still overate at lunch. I got healthy food, but still....I ate too much.

Classic example, in tennis terms, of a player who wins lots of points, but can't producer the big winners. I'm doing some things right, but without getting in the workouts, I'm not going to see the results I so desperately want.

When I was doing really well with weight loss, I had a firm equation in my head: effort = reward (ie, a good scale #). Now I'm back in fantasyland, where I think I can make a few piddling food sacrifices, and still take home the trophy.

Slogging ahead, we are skedded for beginner Ashtanga yoga on Saturday, and when I say we I mean that M has agreed to come under duress. This class is closer to home than my usual one and the teacher promises it won't stress the knees.

I will report back!


  1. Good for you making healthy decisions on the food temptations! That's a real NSV! I too often give in to temptation at the store and bring home the chocolate covered almonds, but since working the challenge, I'm staying on track. I hear you when you talk about the effort it takes to lose weight. For some of us women, in particular, it is unrelenting. Keep on working, and you will get there.

  2. There is no rhyme or reason to weight loss a lot of times. I can be so, so good and gain weight - then I go on vacation and lose a little. Makes no sense.

  3. Oh, I know what you mean about how much sacrifice and determination it takes to lose weight. Sometimes when I don't think it's worth it, I think about all the people who have life-threatening health crises because of weight, i.e., heart, breathing problems, diabetes, etc. - and suddenly, somehow they're able to get the weight off. Some people I think literally get "scared fit and healthy" when nothing else works for them. Good luck and I admire your focus and discipline.

  4. It is lonely, isn't it? Even when you know you're not alone. I froth at the mouth with rage when I read people's food choices before they dieted and they're obscene and they just eat semi-normally and voila, they lose 3 stone. If only it were that easy.


  5. I think people able to lose weight merely by changing what and how they eat because they are listening to what their body needs.

    Since being on Atkins, I am easily satiated, never hungry, eat more calories and fat than I could ever imagine, and I am losing weight.

    It is such an individual thing, and you have to find what works for your machine.

    Hope the yoga was enjoyable for both of you. The Boss started coming with me over a year ago and he has been hooked ever since.

  6. Really enjoyed A Discovery of Witches, thanks!

  7. Hi Ish. OMG, I'm SOOOO behind in my blog reading. How are you doing???