Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Quite Drained ... Yet

My visit to the doc did not go as planned Thursday.

I had high hopes that both drains would be removed and I would be free of the little monsters clinging to my insides and banging their stupid bulbous heads against my legs when I walk.

Doc said no. Apparently I am not sufficiently drained. Funny. Doesn't feel that way to me -- I feel like an empty juice box that someone keeps sucking on.

I try to eat, but very little appeals to me. I know, I know... six weeks ago I'd have been overjoyed by that. Now it feels strange and unhealthy. I eat one small yogurt and am stuffed for hours. I don't get hungry again after I have breakfast, but I know I need to eat regular meals. It's a chore to eat when you have zero desire for food.

Yet I am slowly getting stronger, I think. The stairs don't wipe me out as they did last week. I can walk a little longer, and I don't need to take a massive nap after every outside foray.

But I still sleep an incredible amount -- like 12 hours a night, with a few interruptions, and a good 2 hours again every mid-day.

Latest target for drain removal: Tuesday. But only one drain will come out, Doc says. The other will be "repositioned." At this point, it's been in my body over 2 weeks. I predict a lot of pain with this procedure. Ugh.

Happy Easter weekend everybody.


  1. Hi Ish, have had SUCH an awful time. Sounds like you are slowly getting stronger though! BIG yay! I'm sending big healing e-hugs over the miles to you. Take care!!!!!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are at least feeling stronger. I am not able to go to chanting tonight...but I am still sending you positive, healing vibes.

    Hope the appointment goes well next week and is not too painful.

    Try and enjoy the weekend!!!

    P.S. My niece was the best singer in the whole opera...and I am not even biased.

  3. Are you on prescription pain meds? Those will kill your appetite for sure.

    Glad you are making progress!

  4. Ish, I am so sorry to read this. I have to admit, I haven't been visiting any blogs lately, so I was totally caught off guard by your comment on my blog today. I am so glad you left it though. It sounds as if the worst of this is past, even though you still seem to be suffering quite a bit. I will certainly be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Take care!

  5. You have had a terrible time of it. (((hugs))) Don't expect to eat much right away, it will come back to you. Best thing for right now is to roll with it. Those drains are horrid. They start to feel like they're pinching you. So hope you get them out real soon!

  6. Oh my! I hope your are feeling better since last Friday (the day of this post) and all manner of seepage and drainage has been resolved. You poor thing.

    As I am new to your blog (via Peridot and Beth), I was wondering what surgery you had - I couldn't believe it was laproscopic gallbladder removal! (I had mine down in Montreal back in 2004 - it was like they hadn't even done a surgery...tiny incisions and I felt nothing, NOTHING! post-op)

    I'm so sorry to hear your's was such a nightmare. Bile leaking into your abdominal cavity is serious stuff.

    Hope you are feeling better!!!

    Ex Yo-Yo Debbie

  7. Hope your appointment went well today!